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Business Structure for small family homes

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Did you recently purchase a home and would like to make changes to your home? Do you require assistance in the remodeling and floor plans of you new home but do not know where to start? Let us at Dalrio Arch work an affordable business plan for the remodeling of your new home. We can assist you with the advice of which materials to purchase, which designs will work for you. This will be a professional design for you to submit to any architectural company or firm to submit to the city for approval. Check us out at http://www.dalrioarch.com/apps/photos/ or call us at 210-396-8331 for a free consultation. Thank you

Student loan forgiveness

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Please share this link with those who are wanting information on how to take care of student loans and student loan forgiveness



A Nu Foundation-Texas chapter

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A Collaboration between A Nu Foundation Trust/Muu De Amuuru Civil Society and Cogesten/ed, an NGO of The GallyTribe/Family of Togo, Africa:


The N.E.T.E.R. Project: Natural Eco-Energy Technologies for Eco Regeneration


The programs to be implemented under the NETER project consist of, but are not limited to: Sustainable Housing, Education, Media and Communications, Organic Farming Nutrients and Increased Crop Yield, Greenhouse/Flare Gas Capture, Clean Water, Clean Energy and more. We are looking forward to initiating the Agri-business programs, by beginning with a Symposium which will highlight the technologies and programs we have to offer, and how they can and will greatly benefit Togo from the aspects of health, environmental resuscitation and protection, job creation and creating economic stability and growth.


The Gally people have offered us 5 acres (more if needed), for the development of a Skill and Trade school for all pre-college aged youth. The school will be accompanied by a Media and Communications program with full broadcast capabilities.


For the Agri-business component to the project, the Gally tribe has offered to sell us 370 acres for the purposes of organic farming, sustainable housing and energy and production.


Although it is obvious that the third world does not wish to remain the third world, it may not be as obvious that the system at large, has no intention to give them the opportunity to grow, but we are: With the right social support, we can collectively change the world for those who need it. Help transform this place of need, into a flourishing community which can then replicate the model with their neighbors, and beyond.


To find out more about the foundation please log onto: http://www.anufoundation.org/


To donate to our cause please log onto: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/a-nu-foundation-texas-chapter/x/11133696


We would like your help in doing the following event at the various urban colleges here in Texas. If you have any questions you can call me at 210-396-8331 or email me anytime. Thank you.

Why Millionaires think completely differently from everyone else?

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It is 2017 and I have introduced some new goals to help to motivate myself in becoming successful. It is not that we may not be successful but we may want to assist others and bring ourselves to sustain at the right level which makes us become successful. But what actually defines success? Is it money? Is it resources? I believe success is the ability to duplicate yourself and to make others successful in what they want to achieve. Your definition may be different. Wealth is only one of the ways you can define success. This does start with the way we think and how our thought process works. If you feel you are only good enough for a job or to work for someone and not achieve any success for yourself than you have already thrown in the towel. At the same time, you should not spend beyond your means because in your mind you are a millionaire because that is not intelligent. We must create a plan, have goals, our own brand and/or company and know what you are worth. This is just to start.


Here are my goals:


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time. I also wanted to sum up my visions with you very briefly. I been in the entertainment business since I was young. I am a graduate from Full Sail in which I have an associates degree in audio engineering & entertainment business law. I now have a degree in draft and design from I.T.T. tech. If you would like to know more just ask. I am not someone who likes to brag or name drop but I have been blessed to do some amazing things and been to some great places with big names in the entertainment business. Anyway, I am in the process of setting new goals for the next 3 years which is for 2017-2020. I know two of my goals will be to set up my drafting company (Dalro Arch) www.dalrioarch.com and my entertainment company which is called Dalrio Ent Consulting at www.dalrioentconsulting.com. I still need to work on the websites.


Please feel free to contact me at


210-396-8331(Dalrio Arch) email: info@dalrioarch.com


754-444-8991(Dalrio Ent Consulting) email: info@dalrioentconsulting.co

Fighting the Gentrification of Brooklyn

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It is time to refuse false narratives of the city, of advocacy and justice organizations, of questionable community leaders and of the political establishment. Their weak ideas, false remedies, deceptive offerings of "AFFORDABLE HOUSING", "URBAN PLANNING" and "ZONING" as our focus as a solution to gentrification and displacement. That, while we watch the continued displacement and gentrification of 100's of thousands of our neighbors. It's time for us to take our conversations back, to set our own course, to finding our own directions and to name the real causes of gentrification and displacement. We need to work fearlessly in NAMING the decades long and very REAL issues that cause Displacement and Gentrification!


GENTRIFICATION can be considered a singularity. A situation where EVERY single looooong standing form of economic, political and social injustice, oppression and violence combine, resulting in the vulnerability and a fragility that gentrification and displacement relies on in the first place. The result, the displacement of thousands. We say ENOUGH!


We must forward work that shows how decades of:


-Mass Incarceration IS connected to gentrification and displacement!

-Exported Jobs and resulting Unemployment IS connected to gentrification and displacement!

-Money in politics and NO political representations IS connected to gentrification and displacement!

-Failed Immigration policy IS connected to displacement!

-Destructive Welfare policy IS connected to displacement!

-Criminal Back Ground Checks and economic exclusion ARE connected to displacement!

-Predatory Banking and "red-lining" IS connected to displacement!

-Minimum Wage IS connected to displacement!

-The involvment of false "advocacy" and "justice" organizations ARE connected to gentrification and displacement!

-Endless cycles of Probation, Parole, E-Monitoring and Mandatory "Programs" ARE connected to displacement!


The list goes ON…. Gentrification will not be solved by fighting for or being offered more "affordable housing, rent freezes, funded programs, urban planning or zoning changes". That's the trap. Its deeper than that!


In large, open, action based *Community Gatherings* we organize! Learning, discovering, teaching and connecting the dots…. Fighting for self determination. Simple, innovative, participatory organizing approaches that put people at the center to take responsibility for the issues that cause displacement and gentrification. Lets find ourselves, find each-other and harness our POWER and move on the underlying and contributing issues that Gentrification and Displacement rely on!