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Business Structure for small family homes

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Did you recently purchase a home and would like to make changes to your home?

Do you require assistance in the remodeling and floor plans of you new home but do not know where to start?

Let us at Dalrio Arch work an affordable business plan for the remodeling of your new home. We can assist you with the advice of which materials to purchase, which designs will work for you. This will be a professional design for you to submit to any architectural company or firm to submit to the city for approval. Check us out at http://www.dalrioarch.com/apps/photos/ or call us at 210-396-8331 for a free consultation. Thank you

Attention San Antonio local businesses

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Good Morning,

My name is Hamlin and I am the advertising consultant for NETcinity here in the San Antonio, TX area. Have you heard of Netcinity before? Well we are the Blue tooth marketing specialist across the Nation. We are excited to inform you that we now have launched this in San Antonio area. We are now introducing this to all the local businesses across the nation and I have the honor to be your advertising consultant in the San Antonio area. May we set up a time when I can meet with you to go over how I can drive business to you as well as keep your current customers in a new way you have never seen before?

Here is my web site


Just log onto the page and click on "Webinar Registration" then just follow the steps. This should answer most of your questions in depth on how this works. Please give me your feedback. Here is my contact info which is 210-396-8331. Please call or text me anytime or you can email me at hdalrio@netcinity.com and I will get with you as soon as I can.

Sales Representative, Mobile APP Platform Sales

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Sales Representative, Mobile APP Platform Sales

Full-time/ Part-time, Residual Monthly Commissions


NETcinity is an exciting, growing, Digital Mobile APP company with sales right here in beautiful San Antonio,TX – and we’re seeking driven, money motivated local Sales Representatives to join our

team immediately. You will have a chance to help build a company from the ground-up, influence key

local business community growth using mobile phone Bluetooth beacon advertising, work with the latest

mobile APP technologies, and be a guiding force in developing the NEW local business advertising



As a member of our Local Sales Representative team, you'll handle all phases of sales, including

prospecting, presentations, closing business, and client retention.



• 1+ years of inside B2B sales experience

• B2B prospecting experience

• Knowledge of sales processes including discovery, presentations, and closing

• Excellent analytic and communication skills

Our ideal candidate:

• Isn’t a fan of big company structure and loves career freedom

• Ok with technology and the ability to learn quickly

• Is an excellent problem solver and overcoming objections

• Has analytic skills and good business judgment to create a real solution for businesses

• Works well in a team environment

• Has a desire to create change and use their voice when they find a solution

• Has a strong conviction to personal growth and achieving goals, both inside and outside of the


• Has an understanding of Internet and digital advertising models, and technologies

• Not afraid of spreading new technologies around town

• Analytical skills

• A sense of urgency

• A high threshold for pain (only required for any company paintball outings, actual work will not

cause physical harm)

• Ability to function in a fast-paced environment

• Unafraid of change (did we say that already?)



• Autonomy is key! No micromanages. Our culture allows you to make your own income, own your

schedule, and make plenty of friends & teammates along the way.

• Our Advertising CO-OP / data sharing model is a fresh concept that's gaining momentum by the

minute. We're early to this game, and we're poised to win with the world’s first Bluetooth beacon

platforms that’s mobile APP driven for businesses!

• Independent really means INDEPENDENT! Need to take the week off? Go ahead, do it! Since we

do not place quotas on our company representatives, and your commissions are paid residually

every month (even if you take off), then you’ll have complete freedom to make your own



• Competitive commission plan, (25% of each sell, paid every month with no caps or quotas)

• Residual income each month regardless of hours worked. You stop, and commission income

does not as long as your clients keep their services!

• An energized, and motivated LOCAL team & local Sales Manager you can launch your sales

career together with!


Our culture is one that functions through autonomy and is collective, transparent, and open. We love

supporting the causes we believe in and, of course, having a great time!


This exciting new company is based in the rapidly growing segment of Mobile APP Advertising. We are

looking for an independent, entrepreneurial, and self-motivated individual with tremendous initiative who

wants to play a significant role in the future direction and success of this dynamic and fun organization.

If you desire a culture where you’re excited about getting out and performing sales demonstrations to

local businesses, this might be the opportunity for you. If you like lots of structure, and a office cubicle to

work in…move along. If you want to feel like you really belong to a “work family”, please apply. If you love

lots of rules that are developed by an individual who couldn’t carry your bag, then this isn’t your gig. If you

like rules for rules sake, keep looking. If you like being surrounded by intelligent, commission driven

individuals who work hard at creating value and solutions for clients, this could be the place for you. If you

like setting goals, being held accountable and holding the organization accountable, working harder than

you ever have, raising your hand to take on new responsibilities, don’t mind an occasional laughter and

smiles, then please apply. Discover what it’s like to enjoy your job… again!

Want to learn more? Check out what we do at http://www.netcinity.com/hamlind77


Student loan forgiveness

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Please share this link with those who are wanting information on how to take care of student loans and student loan forgiveness



A Nu Foundation-Texas chapter

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A Collaboration between A Nu Foundation Trust/Muu De Amuuru Civil Society and Cogesten/ed, an NGO of The GallyTribe/Family of Togo, Africa:


The N.E.T.E.R. Project: Natural Eco-Energy Technologies for Eco Regeneration


The programs to be implemented under the NETER project consist of, but are not limited to: Sustainable Housing, Education, Media and Communications, Organic Farming Nutrients and Increased Crop Yield, Greenhouse/Flare Gas Capture, Clean Water, Clean Energy and more. We are looking forward to initiating the Agri-business programs, by beginning with a Symposium which will highlight the technologies and programs we have to offer, and how they can and will greatly benefit Togo from the aspects of health, environmental resuscitation and protection, job creation and creating economic stability and growth.


The Gally people have offered us 5 acres (more if needed), for the development of a Skill and Trade school for all pre-college aged youth. The school will be accompanied by a Media and Communications program with full broadcast capabilities.


For the Agri-business component to the project, the Gally tribe has offered to sell us 370 acres for the purposes of organic farming, sustainable housing and energy and production.


Although it is obvious that the third world does not wish to remain the third world, it may not be as obvious that the system at large, has no intention to give them the opportunity to grow, but we are: With the right social support, we can collectively change the world for those who need it. Help transform this place of need, into a flourishing community which can then replicate the model with their neighbors, and beyond.


To find out more about the foundation please log onto: http://www.anufoundation.org/


To donate to our cause please log onto: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/a-nu-foundation-texas-chapter/x/11133696


We would like your help in doing the following event at the various urban colleges here in Texas. If you have any questions you can call me at 210-396-8331 or email me anytime. Thank you.